Ryan Layden is a unique artist in the folk genre touching many areas and styles. Drawing from many influences including Jeff Buckley. Ryan uses folk as a basis for his art while reaching into rock and many other areas to creat a totally new experience for the listener.

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Ryan is always in the visual and tangible creation mode. He currently just released his new music video “Developin” a story in which he made in reflection of a very cherished relationship. Remembering the beginning of his journey has once again inspired a beautiful song put to vision. Working with directors, cast, and crew he is translating his vision into a one that will debut also with the release of his new album “Tangerine.” Tangerine, is now in development becoming a Multi-conceptual show. One that will bring back to life is first love, Danielle. The Film, Charity, and Live show hope to Debut in fall of 2015. For more info please go to www.tangerinefilm.com

Most importantly Ryan would like to thank all of you for your continued support in his vision. Being an Indie artist without representation is difficult but with fans like you… it’s the only thing Ryan wishes to be doing.

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