Thank you to all who attended the performance on JUNE 10th at the SEKRIT THEATER

Ryan Layden brilliantly uses both bold and subtle elements of the film, live music, dance, and visual artistry to uniquely deliver, the message and experience of love and loss to the underserved community and beyond. This production, entitled Tangerine, is a multi-conceptual show with a universal message of love far beyond the tangible. Recounting touching and heart-wrenching events, in Austin-based singer/songwriter Ryan Layden’s life, a breathtaking story is revealed on stage. His first true love, his life and songwriting partner, Danielle, departed this world in 2006.

Tangerine features 10 songs, that he and Danielle wrote both independently and together, performed in front of a live audience accompanied by an impressively large band and orchestra. Ryan tenderly narrates the events of the Tangerine story. He speaks about the journey to overcome grief and loss. How music was an advocate that paved the path. Tangerine uses striking concepts and effective vehicles to reach out to every audience member who, as everyone does, has their own story and burden of loss. As the magical “Tangerine Forest,” he promised her on their first date, begins to grow on stage, video of past moments with his beloved, are perfectly placed as transitions between narration and orchestral accompaniment.

Ryan Layden’s goal to bring this to fruition is multifaceted. It is his own vehicle of healing but most importantly he’s made arrangements to have all merchandising, performance and donation proceeds gifted to noted organizations whose mission is to help those suffering from loss and bereavement and serve the under served. Tangerine has a life of its own and will continue to tell its compelling story and evolve into the message of hope and healing Ryan Layden so optimistically envisions.

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The music of Tangerine tells the compelling story of a bond that continues far beyond this dimension. The song “When Strangers Meet” was written the night he met Danielle as the room stood still and his life was forever changed.  “Because of You” was the final tribute in an attempt to describe the power of Dani’s love and the strength from that love that has allowed Tangerine to grow to fulfillment. Because of Dani, Ryan hopes everyone finds someone to make their life complete inspiring them to see triumph, beauty, and growth through all life’s trials and struggles…there is always a rainbow after the storm.scrb the power of Dani’s love and the strength from that love that has allowed Tangerine to grow to fulfillment. Because of Dani, Ryan hopes everyone finds someone to make their life complete inspiring them to see triumph, beauty, and growth through all life’s trials and struggles...there is always a rainbow after the storm.