I formed my first band LAYDEN in the fall of 2002 with bandmates Blake Esther (bass) and Joe Steffes (drums). We were young, struggling artists trying to bring our passion to life in Wichita, KS. We weren’t sure how to make it happen. One day, Blake found an amazing online deal from Indian Trails Recording studio in Sanger, TX. Before I knew it, we were on the road to Texas to record our very first album. We drove down a long, narrow road past goats and cows and pulled up to a broken down trailer house housing a surprisingly top of the line studio. One night after tracking, I asked Joe how many days we planned on recording. He replied “9 days.” In that instant, the idea for the album name (9 Days to a Dream) came to us. To this day, Blake and Joe are two of my closest friends. I don’t know what kind of musician I would be if it wasn’t for them believing in me so long ago.


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9 Days to a Dream

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