HOLDING ON, which also can be found as a single on the SHAYLA DEAR album, was a song that kickstarted an important chain of events in my music career. I had never produced a music video, mainly due to lack of funding. I was in the studio finishing the TANGERINE album. I was playing a melody on my guitar while my engineer was taking a break. When he returned, he asked me what I was playing. I explained it was a song idea I thought of on the drive over to the studio. Ten minutes later we had put production of TANGERINE on hold to record my newly written song.

It was a simple but beautiful track. Immediately upon recording, I was inspired with a flood of ideas for an accompanying music video. I wanted to tell the story of an endearing love between two childhood friends who are reunited years later to find their love is as strong and unbreakable as ever. I launched a successful Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds needed to produce the video. I was lucky enough to convince some incredible actors to donate their time and talents to my project. Production was difficult and plagued by a series of challenges. But I was so proud of the finished product and thrilled to see my vision brought to life in this amazing way.


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