So I am defiantly at a new place in my writing, my style, my creation and representation so this new song is the start of what may be to come. I love producing songs and making epic compositions within the transitions of the story the lyrics tell. I was lucky enough to find an amazing friend who let me use his studio has an open book not restricted by time or money, to get to where I am as of now with my music. Jason Burt of JCB studios in Manor, Texas. Him and I over the past three years have recorded over 20 songs and tracked all of them with whatever my heart, ears, mind and eyes could come up with. The record industry isn’t like this though and it’s a sad reality but also a wise one to consider when wanting to seep through the cracks of visibility and notary of our mass consumer base these days. So I am starting a new recording phase of the stripped down raw 1st take recordings. A little reverb and the guitar mic on and just hit record.

New Home Recording Demo

The song rest is my first unveiling of the acoustic/vocal side of me and I hope you enjoy all the song may tell. The video is the day when I wrote the song and I was in the process of moving…not knowing where I was going. I was coming out of a break up and also struggling to find rest in just the normal stresses of life. The video is now what follows after. The first take of my song REST. I hope you enjoy.

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