I had just decided to move to Austin, Texas, after the loss of my best friend and first love Danielle in a tragic accident. She had always believed Austin was a place of promise and potential for me and was convinced big things awaited me there. Depressed and confused, I packed my bags and hit the road in an effort to find my way and honor the wishes of my lost love. When I began reflecting on our relationship and the memories we shared, I realized that almost every song I had written for her—during our relationship and shortly after she passed—hauntingly and beautifully foreshadowed both the tragedy of her loss and hope for the future. The resulting album, Tangerine, took a year to record. Raw, brutally honest, and deeply heartfelt—Tangerine is my ode to love and loss. The album also serves as the foundation for the TANGERINE LIVE SHOW, currently in development.


This album is available for purchase as a digital download. Proceeds from sales of this album will help support the production of the Tangerine Live Show.

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Samples from the album

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