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40 Songs combined all in one place.  A collection of every album produced and also special home recordings and tracks not even released on the site.












Below the video is the link for you to get the finished home recording for free.  Please watch the video of the day I wrote it in my empty apartment if you can.

The song rest is my first unveiling of the acoustic/vocal side of me and I hope you enjoy all the song may tell. The video is the day when I wrote the song and I was in the process of moving…not knowing where I was going. I was coming out of a break up and also struggling to find “Rest” in just the normal stresses of life. The video is now what follows after. The first take of my song REST. I hope you enjoy.

Like No One Can-Single



I want you to help me make a compilation video.  We have seen it before in music videos where people around the world take part in a songs message or rhythm.  The most recent I can remember that had a great participation was Pharrell William’s song “Happy.”  People from all over the world expressed their happiness by videoing themselves dancing to his song.  I want to do something similar.  Now getting worldwide participation isn’t likely at the moment but I am not going to cancel it out just yet.  Send me a video of you with someone you love.  A video with you holding a picture of someone you love.  A video with a special message to someone you love.  A video of singing or dancing along with the song, thinking about that someone you love.  There are so many things that you can send me to put with this video.

Below is a compilation demonstration from Pharrell’s song to give ya some ideas on what to send in

Please join with me by clicking participate below



The song “Like No One Can” was recorded and mastered at JCB Studios in Manor, Texas   Sound Engineer, Instrumentalist, and Producer Jason Burt.


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Peace Single

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9 Days to a Dream

9 Days to a Dream

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