This is not a rare occurrence in Austin, Tx.  Musicians needing to record.  I am wanting to offer it for free and no strings attached.  I know what its like to be pressed for money.  I know what it’s like to record in a studio but having time always push you to finish a work before you want.  Together we can take out all the worry and just create something you have wanted.  Email me at and lets set up a time.  Below is are some of the most recent tracks done here to give ya an idea of what your free recording will sound like.  Ideally my studio is best for singer/songwriters as I am not equipped to do live drum tracking.  I use drumagog and other drum modeling programs and can create drum tracks for those who may want them.  I can also create a solid mix that can be used for tracking drums at a different location and then can finish the final mix here at no cost.  Overall there is a way to get a solid album/song recording for much less when taking advantage of recording with me.


Completes Me –  Written by Amy Woods and Ryan Layden.  Vocals by Shannon Lee and Ryan Layden.  Recorded and Produced along with instrumentation by Ryan Layden

Red River Zombie, Scream and Laugh, Moonlight – Written by LukeZen Gamboa and Recorded and produced by Ryan Layden

Open up our hearts – Written and Performed by Aaron Jacob Turner and Recorded and Produced by Ryan Layden




LUKEZEN GAMBOA —-  Recording with Ryan’s guidance was a fantastic opportunity. I was blessed to have such a humble and gifted person, who’s patience and insight,  helped me bring to fruition what I have envisioned to share through my music. The artistry he possesses was a catalyst in the direction of my songwriting career I have yet to experience because of what this will do for the music and I can’t wait to share these songs he helped produce with nothing more than an angelic vision for this world and a desire to unify artists and humanity. Thank you Ryan Layden you are amazing individual.

Peace Zen Balance


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