$25.00 Just a Nudge Package

We appreciate your “Just A Nudge” Donation and want to reward you with some special gifts. The actual soundtrack to the movie Tangerine and an autographed photo of your choice by Ryan Layden. Also as a bonus a previous Album recorded by Ryan Layden, Joe Stephes, and Blake Esther from Ryan’s very first band Layden.


$50.00 Now we’re Talking Package

We appreciate your “Now we’re Talking” Donation and want to reward you with even more. All of the items included in the “Just a Nudge” package but additionally a copy of the Single “Developin” and “Holding On”. On top of that you will receive a full-sized poster of the movie Tangerine.


$100.00 Associate Producer Package

We really appreciate your “Associate Producer” Donation and want to reward you like a Producer deserves. On top of all the rewards from the previous packages you will receive an Official IMDB credit listing and a T-shirt of your choice along with 2 tickets to the Premier of the Tangerine movie.


$250.00 Executive Producer Package

We can’t tell you how much your “Executive Producer” Donation means and want to reward you at the highest. On top of all other rewards in previous packages you will receive 4 Tickets to the Premier of “Tangerine” along with a 1 hour via Skype session with Ryan Layden and Director(TBA).


$500.00 The True Supporter Package

Wow…This is so meaningful of you and we can’t thank you enough except giving you a lot. All rewards from previous packages along with a day on the set of the filming of Tangerine and a spot as an extra in the actual film.


$1000.00 Above and Beyond Package

You truly are going “Above and Beyond” with this donation. You will receive all other rewards on top of 2 full days of on the set with the filming of “Tangerine.” On top of that. Ryan Layden would like to cook ya dinner and perform a live concert for you and 2 of your friends.


$2500.00 Shooting for the Stars

We know this is a huge amount and “Shooting for the Stars” but if you support this package you will receive all rewards in previous packages and you also will receive one of Ryan Layden’s guitars that was used on recording the soundtrack for Tangerine.