In 2013 shortly after Ryan’s Grandfather passed away he was moved to create a unique experience.  Project Peace.  Taking funds raised by sales of Ryan’s music he raised $1,000 for a random family that was fighting the battle of Cancer.   It took a few months and with $1 donations Ryan was able to reach the goal.  He spent months getting to know the family, visiting them at the hospital and learning about their honorable journey with this difficult disease.  A concert was scheduled and brother and sister Emily and Scott were invited, where at the end of the concert they were given a check for $1,000 to help with expenses with their fathers battle.

Emily and Scott embracing Ryan with a hug after his concert where he presented them with a gift of $1,000 to help with the loss of their fathers battle and fight with Cancer.



Ryan, Emily, and Scott are close friends even to this day and often meet up to enjoy each others company and remember those who they have lost but have never forgotten.

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