Complete’s Me Music Video

This summer Ryan Layden’s New single “Complete’s Me” Featuring Jordan Cody will be filmed and released.

The Epic Video

“Completes Me”

Jordan and Ryan are gearing up for the first cinematic collaboration of their careers.  “Completes Me” falls into a new category of Epic Pop.  Two individuals living out the story from their childhood and finding that without the one…they most Keep breathing easy.

The song was recorded at 2 Austin renowned studios.  Austin Styles with Engineer Taylor Titch and then mixed and mastered at Austin’s #1 studio of 2018. 512 Studios with engineer Omar Vallejo.  Working with these producers the song by far is the largest experience both artists have ever recorded.


Beyond The Grade

Every year Ryan spends time teaching at elementary schools in Austin.  5-10 years of age, these students are learning more than just notes.  3 hour classes allow the kids to find their place with keyboard, guitar and more.  Learning how to create songs by what they feel and hear inside.

The Mission

Keeping Music Alive in Austin Schools!

Beyond the Grade’s mission is to provide music education and life skills to at risk students in Austin area schools.  BtG aspires to give kids opportunities to learn from music industry professionals, while letting the students interests guide the curriculum.

We are currently providing music education for underprivileged kids as an after-school program in area school districts.  The immediate goal is to improve the quality of the education and classroom experience, as well as expand into other schools and locations.

Beyond the Grade’s teachers are local musicians!  We support the Live music capital of the world.  Classes taught by working musicians give students the opportunity to getting to learn how to be a music professional.



Ramy Antoun with Ryan Layden

The video below is featuring drummer Ramy Antoun.  You can become very familiar with him at his site .  One of the amazing things about this drummer is the time he spends helping others in the Austin community obtain their music goals.  Someone with such a resume still has time to give back to the unknowns of the world like myself and I am very thankful for the oppurtunity to record and work with him one of my new songs “Rest”

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Project Peace

In 2013 shortly after Ryan’s Grandfather passed away he was moved to create a unique experience.  Project Peace.  Taking funds raised by sales of Ryan’s music he raised $1,000 for a random family that was fighting the battle of Cancer.   It took a few months and with $1 donations Ryan was able to reach the goal.  He spent months getting to know the family, visiting them at the hospital and learning about their honorable journey with this difficult disease.  A concert was scheduled and brother and sister Emily and Scott were invited, where at the end of the concert they were given a check for $1,000 to help with expenses with their fathers battle. Continue reading →

Project Peace

My grandfather. Hershel King. There are so many ways to describe and talk about him that this blog would end up a novel when finished. No amount of explaining would come close to painting a picture of how important he is. He was our family’s rock. I could tell you about his childhood working on the farm…stealing fruit off the back of trucks as they drove thru the Kentucky mountains. I could mention how he faked his age to enroll in the Navy, just so he could be closer to his brothers. He courageously fought on a spotter ship and then received an injury that sent him onto another path of life—hitchhiking across the states to Wichita, KS, where he met my Grandmother Jean. Continue reading →